Valeria Talbot

Valeria Talbot is a Senior Research Fellow and Head of the Middle East and North Africa Centre at the Italian Institute of International Political Studies (ISPI). She teaches a course in the Master’s program in Middle Eastern Studies at Alta Scuola di Economia e Relazioni Internazionali (ASERI) of the Catholic University of Milan. Previously, she was Adjunct Professor of History and Institutions of the Middle East at IULM University in Milan and the ISPI scientific coordinator for the EU-funded Arab Transformations Project (2012-2016). She actively contributes to research projects, papers, articles and edited books. Ms. Talbot was the scientific coordinator of several editorial projects, such as the World Geopolitical Atlas published by the Italian Encyclopaedia Institute Treccani in 2020, the ISPI MED Reports (2016-2020) and the ISPI journal Quaderni di Relazioni Internazionali (2007-2012). Her main research interests are Euro-Mediterranean relations, geopolitics of the Middle East, Turkey’s domestic and foreign policy, and the Gulf monarchies. She is a regular speaker and commentator on Turkey and Middle Eastern issues in the Italian and international media.