Dalia Ziada

Dalia Ziada is an Egyptian award-winning writer and political analyst, specializing in geopolitics and defense policy in the Middle East and the Eastern Mediterranean regions. In 2015, she co-founded the Liberal Democracy Institute (LDI), which she currently chairs besides working as the Executive Director of MEEM Center for Middle East and Eastern Mediterranean Studies (MEEM). In addition, she serves as a board member of the Foreign Affairs Committee of Egypt’s National Council for Women. In the past, she served as the Executive Director of the Cairo-based Ibn Khaldun Center for Development Studies and the Regional Director in MENA for the Washington-based American Islamic Congress (AIC). She also regularly contributes to analyses in prominent regional and international publications (in English, Arabic, and Turkish) on issues related to geopolitics, defense policy, and governance in the Middle East, the Mediterranean, and Africa. She authored “The Curious Case of the Three-Legged Wolf – Egypt: Military, Islamism, and Liberal Democracy” (2019) and other internationally acclaimed books (dating back to 2006) on political transformations, political movements, and civil rights in the Middle East. Her next book project, “The Coalition of Odds,” explores the reshuffling of power coalitions in the greater Middle East and their rising influence on the historical and renewed conflicts between modern-day world superpowers.