Developments in Mediterranean Diplomacy


Inter-state relations in the Mediterranean are fluctuating between cooperation and tensions. While regional opportunities and spaces for dialogue emerge, differences and rivalries still fuel conflicts. “Developments in Mediterranean Diplomacy” presents a monthly overview of events in support of efforts to improve relations between countries in the Mediterranean, promote regional cooperation, increase inclusivity, resolve conflicts, and advance peace.



Israel - Turkey

Prime Minister Lapid and President Erdoğan met on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly. Israel appointed an ambassador to Turkey, following the full normalization of ties and towards a similar appointment to be made by Turkey.

Israel - Lebanon

The US-mediated indirect talks between Israel and Lebanon regarding maritime border demarcation made significant progress, in parallel to mutual threats of escalation in case an agreement will eventually not be reached.

Egypt - Greece

Military delegations from Egypt and Greece, headed by the leaders of both armed forces, met to discuss ways to enhance military cooperation, as well as defense and security issues facing the two countries in the Middle East and Eastern Mediterranean.

Cyprus - Israel

The energy ministers of Cyprus and Israel met and vowed to quickly resolve a decade-long dispute related to the exploitation of the Aphrodite and Yishai offshore natural gas deposits.


Turkey has expressed willingness to build good relations with all Libyan parties, revealing its intention to send a parliamentary delegation to visit Tripoli and the east of the country.




Tensions mounted between Turkey and Greece over sovereignty in the Aegean. This was played out via mutual accusations by the leaders, and increased military build up and drills. Cyprus expressed concern that it might be dragged into a possible Greece-Turkey conflict.


Western Sahara continued to be a source of tension. Morocco continued to criticize Tunisia’s reception of the Polisario Front leader, denying that the issue has been resolved, while Algeria called to resume negotiations between Morocco and the Polisario Front.


Military actions and terror attacks were on the rise, raising concerns of a brewing escalation. Each side accused the other of being responsible for the spread of violence, and approaches were made to international actors to help restore calm.

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