Conflict Resolution in the Mediterranean: Energy as a Potential Game-Changer


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The Mediterranean region has become a critical area where security, geopolitics, and energy politics intersect. Recent trends of tensions and cooperation in this region have heightened the significance of the Mediterranean, which is marked by long-standing conflicts with energy-related components.

This policy study seeks to enrich the public debate on Mediterranean diplomacy and advance conflict resolution in the region. It addresses several key conflicts in the Mediterranean, which include an energy component and in which progress towards resolution can trigger broader cooperation and inclusivity in the region.

It includes chapters on energy-related conflict resolution in the Mediterranean, the Cyprus conflict, the Israeli-Lebanese maritime border agreement, and the tensions between Algeria, Morocco and their immediate European neighbours.

The study concludes that energy can play a game-changing role in efforts to advance conflict resolution in the Mediterranean. It provides policy analysis of the different conflicts, specifies innovative conflict resolution approaches that incorporate energy considerations, and suggests a broad range of policy recommendations to advance peace and better inter-state relations.

The study was edited by Prof. Ahmet Sözen, Dr. Nimrod Goren, and Camille Limon, and includes chapters by Amb. (ret.) Hesham Youssef, Amb. (ret.) Michael Harari, Prof. Ahmet Sözen, and Intissar Fakir. It was published by Diplomeds in April 2023, in cooperation with Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung.


Ahmet Sözen, Nimrod Goren, Camille Limon

The Future of Conflicts and Energy in the Mediterranean

Hesham Youssef

Lebanon and Israel: Natural Resources and Security Interests as Catalysts for Conflict Resolution

Michael Harari, Ahmet Sözen

Cyprus: Leveraging the Energy Factor to Support Peacemaking

Ahmet Sözen

The Western Mediterranean: Energy and Geopolitics

Intissar Fakir

Conflict Resolution in the Mediterranean: Energy as a Potential Game-Changer (Full publication)

Policy Recommendations

10 Recommendations for Advancing the Resolution of Energy-Related Conflicts in the Mediterranean

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