Developments in Mediterranean Diplomacy


Inter-state relations in the Mediterranean are fluctuating between cooperation and tensions. While regional opportunities and spaces for dialogue emerge, differences and rivalries still fuel conflicts. “Developments in Mediterranean Diplomacy” presents a monthly overview of events in support of efforts to improve relations between countries in the Mediterranean, promote regional cooperation, increase inclusivity, resolve conflicts, and advance peace.




Israel and Lebanon reached a maritime border deal, through indirect talks mediated by the US, after more than a decade. The deal was signed, with US guarantees, and is seen as holding potential for increased regional stability and economic improvement.


Immediately following the Israel-Lebanon deal, Cyprus and Lebanon held sea border talks, stating they can reach a demarcation agreement quicky. But, Lebanon must first conclude a maritime agreement with Syria, which refused to do so in the past.


Israel-Turkey normalization moved forward, with separate visits by Israeli ministers to Turkey. Minister of Defence Gantz and Minister of Economy Barbivai arrived in Ankara to restore security ties and revive the Joint Economic Commission.


Turkey and Libya’s Tripoli-based government signed agreements on maritime hydrocarbons and security cooperation, also during a visit to Tripoli by Turkish Foreign Minister Çavuşoğlu. This was opposed by Libya’s east-based parliament.


Algeria hosted talks between Fatah and Hamas, leading to a deal – mediated by Algerian President Tebboune – aimed at ending the 15 year rift between the Palestinian fractions and at enabling Palestinian elections to take place in 2023.


French Prime Minister Borne, accompanied by 16 ministers, visited Algeria amid warming ties between the countries. Borne and Algerian Prime Minister Benabderrahmane announced a joint economic forum and praised the new dynamics in ties.




Israeli-Palestinian confrontations escalated in the West Bank, and violent incidents took place almost daily. The UN asked both sides to act to restore calm, and the EU – in its Association Council meeting with Israel – called to advance the peace process.


Greece and Egypt voiced opposition to the new Turkey-Libya energy deal. Foreign Ministers Dendias and Shukry stated that deal is illegal and threatens security and stability. Differences over Libya policies led Egypt to halt its dialogue with Turkey.

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