Developments in Mediterranean Diplomacy

August 2022

Inter-state relations in the Mediterranean are fluctuating between cooperation and tensions. While regional opportunities and spaces for dialogue emerge, differences and rivalries still fuel conflicts. “Developments in Mediterranean Diplomacy” presents a monthly overview of events in support of efforts to improve relations between countries in the Mediterranean, promote regional cooperation, increase inclusivity, resolve conflicts, and advance peace.


Israel - Turkey

The reconciliation process between Israel and Turkey has been finalized, and both countries declared that they will soon reinstall ambassadors and consul generals.


Turkey hosted Palestinian President Abbas to highlight that normalization with Israel is not at the Palestinians’ expense. Cooperation between the sides has been reportedly advanced.


Turkey’s President expressed support for better ties with Egypt and for an upgraded bilateral dialogue. In parallel, businesspeople from both countries met to improve economic ties.


Progress was made in the US-mediated indirect talks between Israel and Lebanon on their maritime border dispute, in parallel to mutual verbal threats between Hezbollah and Israel.


Cyprus decided to buy Israel’s Iron Dome rocket defense system, in a sign of deepening security cooperation between the two regional allies.


Turkey hosted senior officials from Libya, indicating a modified Libya policy. Around the visit, high-level Turkish officials stressed the importance of Libya’s unity and territorial integrity.


The French President visited Algeria to ease a diplomatic dispute linked to the colonial past, launch a renewed partnership” and seek energy cooperation.



A round of warfare took place in and around Gaza between Israel and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), without Hamas involvement, resulting in a truce mediated by Egypt.


Tensions emerged between Morocco and Tunisia sparked by Tunisia’s hosting of the head of the Polisario Front. Both countries recalled their ambassadors for consultation.


Escalating rhetoric from Turkey towards Greece, related to sovereignty disputes in the Aegean, drilling rights in the Mediterranean, and differences regarding possible arms sales.


Egypt conveyed quiet criticism of Israel’s actions towards the Palestinians following the Gaza truce, leading to engagement between security officials to resolve tensions.

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